Grace United Methodist Church Burnsville Worship
Grace United Methodist Church
Friday, November 26, 2021
To serve and unite those we touch with the Grace of God

Why Should I Sign Up?


How?  Click on Sign Up here or on the Home Page

The Grace UMC web site has several layers of security. After registering, you will have "Guest" access. As a Guest, you will have access to see what many of the groups and committees of Grace UMC are up to

The registration process asks for some personal information.  Enter as much information as you feel comfortable with.  Click through each of the tabs:  Login, Contact, Address, Personal & Volunteer.

Within a day or two of registering, members of Grace UMC will have their status changed to "Member". As a Member, you will have access to a directory, notes from the church council, and all of the groups at Grace UMC, such as Choir, Sunday School, Youth group, Missions, . . . You can sign on as a member of all the groups you participate in. Every group, eventually, will have their own web pages. 

As a Member the right-hand panel will be customized with links to the groups you belong to.  In order to add groups to your profile, please use the "Update My Profile" link.

So why register?


Please note that the Grace UMC web site is actively being developed.  Pages and information are created almost daily. 

Security.  Grace UMC has no intention of using the information you provide except as a resource within the Grace UMC web site.  Feel free to include as much information as you are comfortable with.  The service Grace UMC uses is a secure service, but. . . . .  Be appropriately cautious.